Leica News - L-Camera-Forum's interview with Stefan Daniel

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Leica News - L-Camera-Forum's interview with Stefan Daniel

Post by Nando on Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:00 pm

L-Camera-Forum put the English-language notes from their interview with Stefan Daniel of Leica.


Some points:
  • Panasonic-Leica relationship continues. Expect more compact Pana-Leicas.
  • Leica will not be offering a mini-4/3rd camera. Small sensor size is too limiting. Will perhaps design/make mini-4/3rd lenses.
  • There will be no R10 digital! A solution will be offered to use the R lenses digitally but it will not have anything to do with the S2. The R-line is discontinued.
  • Leica cannot make lenses for other systems at this time due to patent restrictions. Patents are only swapped inside the Japanese industry. Zeiss can do it because its lenses are manufactured by Cosina in Japan.
  • The M9 will come! Working on full-frame sensor.
  • Working on more affordable lenses.
  • The S2 is on schedule. No low-pass filters used on the sensor resulting in output comparable to 50MP cameras from competitors. Market for 10,000 cameras a year priced under 20,000 Euros

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