Importance of Vaastu Shastra..

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Importance of Vaastu Shastra.. Empty Importance of Vaastu Shastra..

Post by madhul on Wed May 09, 2012 5:16 am

Vaastu Shastra which is considered a conduit between man and nature is based on the infinite powers of the five elements - fire, water, earth, and air and space. It essentially deals with two energy sources - the solar energy flux and the geomagnetic energy flux. This science aims at controlling the flow of these two energies by selecting proper directions and alignments for the vaastu. Vaastu is basically aimed at harnessing the higher energy levels within the self and can help in various aspects of life. The residential and commercial real estate properties in Chennai constructed nowadays rely on the basics of the five Elements in all aspects of planning. The five Elements or the Paanchbhootas which are embedded in almost all materials in the world are used by Vaastu Shastra to diminish the problems of occupants. Location of doors, windows, color scheme, flooring patterns, planting of trees - all these parameters play an important role in enhancing the energy field of a human being to live in harmony with nature.
History says that Vishwakarma had first of all given the methods of construction and decoration of buildings. It is known as Vaastu Shastra or the architecture. References to these methods and art are found in the sources of ancient Indian culture such as the Vedas, Purans , Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Sanskrit epics. It is believed that the orientation or direction of a building, according to Vaastu is planned on the basis of the rotational setting of the planets and those buildings that are not planned keeping in mind the orientation and not constructed with suitable building materials as proposed by Vaastu see their decline to ruins much faster than those built otherwise. This is the main reason why most of the builders are following these vaastu measures during the construction of houses in Chennai.


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