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Sewage Treatment in Mumbai Empty Sewage Treatment in Mumbai

Post by madhul on Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:18 am

Sewage treatments actually mean that improve or upgrade the quality of a wastewater by applying many tools and technologies. Usually sewage treatment will includes storing sewage in a central, segregated location and subjecting the sewage to different treatment processes. Most wastewater treatment processes are continuous flow, some operations, like vacuum filtration, storage of sludge, the addition of chemicals, filtration and elimination or disposal of the treated sludge. All these techniques are routinely handled as periodic batch operations.
Sewage treatment includes physical, chemical and biological methods. All these methods are used in Mumbai flats for sewage treatment.
Physical methods strictly include physical phenomena for improving or treating the wastewater.
Chemical methods consist of chemical reaction or reactions for enhancing the water quality. Chlorination is the most commonly used chemical process for sewage treatment. Chlorine, a strong oxidizing chemical, is used to kill bacteria and to slow down the rate of decomposition of the wastewater. Bacterial kill is achieved when vital biological processes are affected by the chlorine.
Biological methods use microorganisms, mostly bacteria, in the biochemical decomposition of sewage to stable end products. According to the availability of dissolved oxygen, biological method divided into aerobic and anaerobic methods.


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