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Life in flats... Empty Life in flats...

Post by madhul on Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:31 am

In everyday, there are thousands of people settling down in the cities. But cities are not able to expand on the ground because of various geographical constraints. The main reasons are that there are many boundaries like the presence of the sea or mountains that cause the city to be unable to expand. Here comes the role of Mumbai flats. There are many advantage of living in flats. In a flat, there is sure to be many kids and they can have a nice time in the evenings, if they are friendly and have nearby places to play. The people are usually friendly to an extent. This causes the people to help each other out in case there are any safety issues. In situations when one person is sick, then there are many people to help the sick person get to the hospital. Also a whole community of people lives in the same place. This allows for companionship in times when it is needed. The fact that there are many people around will make them to talk and build lifelong friendships between each other


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