Nikon's BIG moment at Photokina?

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Nikon's BIG moment at Photokina?

Post by Nando on Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:36 pm

Ok, there is only one more day for Photokina and where's the BIG news from Nikon? It's the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of the Nikon 1 at Photokina. There was such hype coming from Nikon leading up to Photokina that many people were expecting something earth-shaking from them. But since the start of the show, Nikon has been really quiet. It seems like whatever the BIG thing was, its going to be unveiled at the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers) show on Feb. 2009 as advertised on the WPPI website.

Certainly, the S2 from a teenie-weenie Leica wouldn't have been that tough of an act to follow for such a monstrously-huge and super-rich company like Nikon. Very Happy Or perhaps it was that new Canon 5-something-D-whatever that stopped them in their tracks. Perhaps a delay is in order for Nikon to add an HD video mode to the BIG thing. Rolling Eyes

That said, wedding and portrait photographers are usually not ones to use rangefinders (though RF's have some nice advantages in these fields) so I'm thinking that the BIG news is probably not full-frame digital rangefinder with M-mount. In fact, I'm thinking that the whole full-frame Nikon RF thing could be vapourware unfortunately. I'm thinking the BIG thing is probably just an updated D-something with the 24MP Sony sensor. Sleep

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