Space Organization Ideas for Apartments

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Space Organization Ideas for Apartments Empty Space Organization Ideas for Apartments

Post by madhul on Wed May 02, 2012 3:10 am

In small apartments in bangalore, organization can be a challenge. Because needed items take up valuable space. So we plan to identify spaces that are underutilized and convert them into functional space. Following tips are discuss about it.

Utilize The Wall Area
By installing hooks on the bottom of the shelf to hang jewelry, towels, scarves, purses or even utensils ,we can change shelves become more useful .For the kitchen, install peg boards or rows of hooks on the wall to allocate pots and pans, and use the unused space on the back of doors and sides of cabinets.
Use Multi-Functional Furniture
Another tip for making space more useful, buy furniture that has built-in storage. Use an old trunk as a coffee table, buy hollow upholstered cubes that double as magazine or blanket storage and extra seating and look for bed frames that have bookshelves in the base or headboard. These tips are very helpful to manage the space in small apartment and house.
Make Bookshelves and Panels
Other challenges of a small apartment in Bangalore is finding space to organize the items that you don't want visible. If you don't have enough money to make a large wardrobe, make your own hidden storage. Create a space the end of a long room by putting a tension rod on the wall in front of the area. Hang fabric panels from the ceiling to the floor and behind it Place a narrow bookshelf in order to store smaller items, stack luggage or put sporting goods on.


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